Haroldson Art & Design is a creative studio founded by Melanie Haroldson in 2017. H.A&D was built on the concept that  great solutions don't require huge teams or ginormous budgets. We strive to partner with our clients to create beautiful and smart solutions for their companies, and to work with them to create teams and strategies that fit their individual needs. 

We make things. Big & small. Digital & physical. Sharp & squishy. 

We make things happen, make them memorable, make them easy, and make them matter.





We like to keep an open mind about our capabilities. Design is all about creative problem solving. That may be developing a branding system, installing a pop-up shop, building social media tools or illustrating icons for an app. Whatever the need may be, we pride ourselves on finding  unique and eye catching solutions grounded in a solid design foundation. 




Let's demystify the veiled world of design for a moment. It can be hard to know what to expect when it comes to creating a budget for developing your brand. We know! It can be just as difficult for us to give you a ballpark figure or standard cost for our work. The reality is, your needs are not the same as those who came before you. We can, however, estimate a project rate based on a set of assumptions. A huge part of our process is getting to know you, what your needs are and where the opportunities lie. Once we have a solid understanding - we can build a recommendation on how to get there, what kind of a team we need to do so, and specific costs affiliated with those goals. 




We strive to keep our process simple, straightforward and efficient. Our strategy is to be directly connected to you and to minimize unnecessary layers of people to ensure clear, concise communication. Every project is unique - some have lots for us to learn, some are super simple. Some require a lot of our help for execution, and some have teams to handle it all. But in some shape or size, the same three elements allow us to achieve the best results:



The most important piece in our process is getting to know you, your brand and your goals. We are your partners - your participation is essential. Working with everyone involved with the decisions and execution of the projects, throughout the process, is the best way to maintain an open dialogue about every decision we make.


Once we absorb all that we can - we take that knowledge, process it, add in our insight and guidance and build, design, create and inspire a variety of options to meet your needs.  


Based on your feedback, we can then extend the concepts into execution, and make these ideas a reality.

That sweet spot ( * ), where all of these elements overlap is where the best results and solutions reside. This is our goal on every project we take - no matter the size or budget. 





The best way to understand if we are a great fit for you is to talk with us. We are always happy to connect with people curious about what we do and how we do it. Contact Us >





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